Instant voice for teams

Push-to-talk for any device or network.

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Live voice for most devices and networks

Teams use Zello to coordinate and solve problems while on the go.

Sounds Better than a Phone Call

On Zello, voices sound clear and natural.

Unlimited Range

Unlike two-way radios, Zello works with any data or Wi-Fi network.

Secure Communications

Strong encryption protects your team's conversations.

Simple pricing

Free trial for 5 users. No credit card required.


per user

per month

No contract, cancel at any time.

Supported Platforms

Everyone's covered.


Windows Phone

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Windows CE, Windows Mobile

BlackBerry, BB10

Windows PC desktop

LMR / Two-way radio gateway


iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

BlackBerry, BB10

Windows Phone

Windows CE, Windows Mobile

Windows PC desktop

LMR / Two-way radio gateway

Channels for Teams

Teams work better when they can talk through Zello's always open real-time radio-style environment.

Replay any Message

With the message history feature, users will catch every message. The new Zello centralized recording option archives all messages. Learn More

One Place to Manage It All

Add, set up, and delete team members from a simple web console.

Dedicated Button

Hardware button options allow users to simply press and talk without fumbling through app screens. Learn More


Zello supports millions of users and scales for your needs.

PCs and Rugged Devices

Zello works with desktop computers acting as a dispatch console as well as scanners from Honeywell, Datalogic, and Zebra. It also works with other Windows Mobile devices.

Two-way Radios

Users can continue carrying their legacy LMR radio and new smartphones. No one has to carry two devices or trade one for another. They all play well together on Zello. Learn More


Zello fits right in with your business. Integrate Zello push-to-talk with your enterprise and mission-critical software. Learn More

Enterprise Server License

License the Zello server for isolated networks or as a subscription alternative. The minimum fee is $7,000 Learn More

Our Zello network has been rock solid for more than three years and their 24/7 support helps me sleep
— Paula Zishka, YRC Freight

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